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Literature Ordering Process

To order literature:

  1. Send your order (either for your group, or for your individual self) to the current District Literature Coordinator via e-mail.
  2. The Literature Coordinator will respond with a verification of your order and the total amount due.
  3. Then, either you or your group must give the District Literature Coordinator the check/cash BEFORE your books will be purchased.
  4. The Literature Coordinator will usually place the order in time for books to be picked up at the District Meeting (monthly). If you cannot pick up your books at the district meeting, please make other arrangements with the Literature Coordinator for a timely pickup.

Ordering literature with the district saves you or your group the tax and shipping, versus if you had ordered the books on your own.

Attention Al-Anon members!

We are always looking for Al-Anon Members In Alateen Service (AMIAS) Certified Alateen Sponsors. The only requirements are that you be at least 23 years of age, have at least 2 years in the Al-Anon program, and attend at least 1 Al-Anon meeting per week in addition to the sponsored Alateen meeting. (You also have to be able to pass a background check for dealing with kids and teens) Even if you only wish to be a substitute sponsor, we would love to have you on board.
Sincerely, the Alateens

A substitute sponsor is a Virginia AMIAS certified Alateen sponsor who fills in for the regular sponsor of a meeting when s/he cannot attend. We could also use the help of Al-Anon Members In Alateen Service (AMIAS) certified members even if you don't wish to sponsor a meeting. AMIAS members can help with things such as transporting Alateens to conference when we don't have enough vehicles/sponsors otherwise (Alateens can only ride with their parents or AMIAS members with correct paperwork) [Most expenses accrued by AMIAS members are reimbursed by the District].

For more information on the benefits of being an Alateen Sponsor, the process to becoming an Alateen Sponsor, or any general questions, please get in touch with our District Alateen Coordinator(s)

Submitting Shares to the World Service Office

Do you like reading your Conference Approved Literature (CAL)? How about the monthly Al-Anon magazine, The Forum? Members of Al-Anon and Alateen may submit shares to the WSO for possible publication in The Forum, or any new CAL. To do so, go to the Al-Anon Members website, and then follow these steps:

  1. Put your cursor over the INDIVIDUALS tab
  2. Click on the FEATURED PUBLICATIONS tab
  3. Click on the picture with three people behind the computer titled "Send your Sharing"
  4. You are now able to send your sharing to:
    • The Forum
    • Alateen Talk
    • Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism
    • For upcoming books, such as: "Intimacy In Alcoholic Relationships" and "Parents and Grandparents of Young Problem Drinkers"

Also, it is really affordable to receive your own yearly subscritption of the monthly Al-Anon/Alateen magazine, The Forum. Simply take home with you the subscription form out of the back of your weekly meeting's monthly Forum, and mail it, along with a check for $11.00 (that's right, it's only $11/year for this "meeting in a pocket") to the address on the form. They will mail your copy directly to your home. Your meeting may even wish to subscribe to more copies than the free copy already provided.

Thank you to Brook S, Virginia Area Literature Coordinator, for providing this information!

What is a Thankathon/Alcathon?

The Thank-a-thon/Alc-a-thon is a place for people in recovery to come during the holidays. The Thank-a-thon/Alc-a-thon is a place where you can come if spending the holidays alone or with family is not your idea of a mentally, physically, or spiritually sane holiday. There are plenty of people in recover to chat with and have fun, and there is a Christmas dinner on December 25 at 2pm. Typically there are also speakers throughout the event. It is a fun and safe space during otherwise hectic and crazy holidays.