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Virginia Area Al-Anon/Alateen
Rappahannock District

 When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and Let it Begin With Me.

Contact information for your District Officers

Name District Office E-mail Phone #
Allyson District Representative 540-845-6301
Ann Alternate District Representative 540-972-7613
Theresa District Treasurer 540-538-0666
Ann Alternate District Treasurer 540-972-7613
Diane B Public Outreach Coordinator 540-842-9072
Ed AA Liason
Nan C Secretary    
Catherine Literature Coordinator 540-287-9907
Emily Webmistress 540-287-8849
Kelly D Alateen Coordinator 540-295-9862
Mary S Alateen Coordinator 540-940-3005
Deb M Assembly Registration Chair 540-645-9591
Anna R Registration Committee

Contact Information for your Group Representatives

NAME Group Represented E-mail Phone Number
Lisa F Sunday 7 pm - Christ Covenant 540-846-6760
Isabel M Sunday 7 pm - Christ Covenant 540-841-4200
Karen Y Monday 10 am - Salem Church 540-760-8822
Karen D Monday 5:30 pm - Family Counseling Center for Recovery (FCCR) 540-226-3355
Ann G Monday 8 pm - Trinity  
Joyce Monday 8 pm - Aquia Episcopal 540-752-1136
Pat A Tuesday 8pm - Salem Church 540-972-1794
Service Needed Tuesday 7 pm - LOW    
Rose V Wednesday 7 pm - Peace United (Al-Anon) 540-972-5088
Service Needed Wednesday 7 pm - Peace United (Alateen)  
Nan Thursday Noon - Trinity    
Patricia Thursday 7 pm - St. Mathias 540-372-9868
Greer Thursday 7 pm - King George 540-775-6495
Tasha Friday 7 pm - Trinity 706-604-2879
Tracy M Saturday 10 am - St. Mary's 540-775-1436

To contact one of our members in service, please e-mail or call them directly. Otherwise, you may use the form found in the COMMENTS page to submit a comment or suggestion directly to the appropriate people for answering. Thank you!

Our Monthly District Meeting (business meeting) is held on the second Monday of every month at the Home Team Grill, in the shopping center at the intersection of Route 1 and the University of Mary Washington. To eat dinner with us, please arrive so you can have your meal eaten and paid for by 6pm. Business starts at approximately 6:15pm.